Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sunsets and Puppies

Nothing crafty to post, just thought I 'd share this pic I caught at Lake Hefner last weekend after we went to dinner with some friends.
And a quick shot of my sister's new puppy. She is so cute and she has the best temperament. She's a bit of a spaz but she will probably calm down some. She's a Boston Terrier and she is so smart!

I found out some really disheartening news last night. I was watching a Tivo'd episode of Everwood and noticed that next week will be the SERIES FINALE!! WTF? I haven't even had time to prepare myself. I love that show! And now they're leaving?! Damn you, WB.
I'd boycott it if I didn't love Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill and Related. But I'm not happy about it. And I'm still pissed at them for cancelling The Mountain.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Green Gables Galore and some RAOK Goodness...

First things first, I got the coolest package this week from Vik in Argentina. It is the coolest cotton collection. The one in the front looks hand spun and hand dyed and is incredibly soft. Vik also included a cute postcard and some really great pamphlets about Argentina. Thanks so much Vik, that was really thoughtful!
I didn't have a clue when I started searching out patterns and things online what this would blossom into. I have made so many friends online and learned so many valuable things that I never would have without this experience. Who knew!?

Okay, so I caught a fever. Green Gable fever. On top is the first one I did, which I hadn't quite finished when I decided to make one for my mom for her birthday. The fit seemed great but I blocked it and it expanded like crazy. Don't be fooled by the pic, it's all bunchy in the back.
And the second shot shows how wonky I made the lace part. I will be redoing this soon.

Sorry about the bra shots. The second one I did for my mom, I decided to do the small size (34) since the 36 came out huge post-blocking. No dice. This is teensy and the armholes are too high. I read on the GG Knit Along (once I was in the middle of the body portion) that the small size actually needs 8 lace repeats. Oops. That would have been about right. So I'll be ripping this one out too. I also didn't like in the first one that there were two decrease rows together. It made little bunchy pockets on both sides. So I separated them on the second one and did 4 decreases, 5 rows apart, then added several increases the same way.
I also saw a cute one on the KAL with an edging of lace instead of ribbing. May try that too.

Things are still going great with work. Still working out some kinks, but I love the girls I am working with.
Oh, and did I mention we are going on vacation soon? We get to go with my husbands parents, my brother and sister in law and neice and nephew to Florida! Can't wait, we rarely ever get to spend time together without a ton of stuff going on and we'll actually have time to hang out. And the kids are 7 and 3 and so much fun. I'm really excited.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Just a Random Mix...

Well, things are finally settling down. My first two weeks on the new job were a whirlwind but it has been so much fun. This is exactly what I have wanted to do, it was just a process of elimination finding that out. I really like my boss and there are lots of exciting new options for the agency to grow. It started out in a garage and this year will celebrate 20 years of service. Last year the clinic provided medical assistance to over 2000 residents. It sounds like I'll mostly be doing administrative stuff and assisting the Executive Director and doing mostly funding/PR stuff.
I really like the other people I'm working with, although there has been some tension between the people who are leaving (4 different positions in a short time, due to school and schedule changes) and the new ones, but it's nothing compared to the last job. I haven't been yelled at by a prominent former city official or subpeona'd yet, I'm a happy girl.
It's nice to work where people come voluntarily, this is the first time I've worked somewhere like that since I worked retail right after high school. They are much nicer when they aren't forced into using your services!

On the fiber front, I finished a Green Gable (pics to come) and it fit great. Then I blocked it. I made it longer than the pattern said but after I blocked it, the fit was way too long and too wide across the bust. I've started another for my mom for her birthday and I'm doing it in the smaller size. If it turns out well, I'll redo mine. I also joined the Green Gable Knit Along. It's very cool to see everyone's finished sweaters. Mom's birthday is next week and I'm not even to the sleeves yet, so I'd better get a move on.

Bookish stuff:
I just finished Hypocrite in a Poufy White Dress. This book was so great. She has such a great, witty writing style. I hate that it ended! It was clever and touching but honest and incredibly funny. If you like those types of memoirs I would highly recommend it.
I also finished Memoirs of a Geisha quite a while back. It was also a great story. I'm not usually a big fan of historical fiction, but I loved this book. I would also recommend it. I saw the movie too but the book was much better.

We're just hanging out this morning, got up and grabbed some breakfast and went to the Farmer's Market then washed the cars and came back home. We're just sitting here watching Tivo'd episodes of Going Tribal. That show is so cool. Right now he is hunting crocodile with a tribe in Ethiopia.
We have a wedding to go to later today in Tulsa then we're staying with the in-laws tonight.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Some time off...

Wow, so much has happened since I posted last. My last day at work was the 29th. Saying goodbye to everyone was harder than I thought it would be, but I am still very sure it was the right decision to make.

And things actually came through in the new job department. I was afraid it would take forever to find a new job that I wanted, but it worked out just right. I was off all week last week and had a chance to get some work done around the house and catch up on everything a bit. The week before I had been offered a position with an adoption agency but just wasn't sure I liked everything about the job. It was contract work and would be a lot of driving. I had almost decided to take it, then I had one interview which I totally spaz'd on with an adolescent residential facility (substance abuse/mental health). They lost me in the interview when they asked if I had any training restraining children. Woah... too direct care for me. Honestly, I got so nervous after that, I don't know why. But they offered me that position, amazingly enough.
Then I had an interview with an agency I had applied for quite a while before. It's with a non-profit health care clinic here in Norman and it's 8-5 and no overtime. I was so excited, but I knew they were interviewing a lot of applicants. They called last Thursday and said I got the job and could I start Monday! I am really excited, it's exactly what I've wanted to do. And no more commuting. Yeah!

A Few Finished Objects

First, a great shot of a small business I caught a while back on the way to a job interview in South OKC. I just couldn't resist. I was driving so the pic is not the best, but hilarious nonetheless. Can you see the small print in the sign that says "Same Day Service?"

The first blanket was made for some friends of ours who are due soon. I used Yarn Bee Luscious for the body and Yarn Bee (something else, can't remember what) for the border.

The final two are, finally, my 63 SQUARES GHAN!!! I've been working on this thing since November and it took over a month to join the thing. But I was so glad when I was finished! I love how it turned out. Thanks so much to the girls in the Crochetville CAL for all the support. It was fun, girls!

In other fibery news, I gave in and got the Green Gable pattern. Everyone is making one and I thought it would be a good segway into knitting wearables. A quick trip to Carol's for some Cotton Fleece and I was well on my way. I am now almost done! Wahoo! Just have a few rows of ribbing around the body and finishing on the sleeves and I'll be done.