Monday, October 31, 2005

People Say the Stupidest Things

So I went to my hometown, a whopping hour drive, on Saturday for my friend's twins' second birthday party (they are just too cute by the way). I went down early so I could have lunch with my mom and sis and her boyfriend, who we really like.
So we're eating lunch and in comes this lady who I had gone to church with since I was, like, 8 and she came over and said hi and gave me this awkward hug leaning across my mom in the booth, then we exchanged pleasantries and she sat down at her table. We were walking out and I said in passing it was nice to see her and she looked at me and said, Honey you look so good. Why thanks, I say, and she then says something to the tune of, "You just looked so aweful the last time we saw you, we could tell your whole countenance was just destroyed" and I just stood there nodding, thinking, WTH? and she kept going and going about how they were really worried about me and it seems I am doing better and she hopes I am happy. Seriously, how could that even get past the brain to mouth filter as approved?
So some details, the last time I had seen her was the tail end of a really bad marriage which ended even worse, and it sucked and I almost wanted to scrunch up one eye and say, "what the hell are you thinking saying that? Thanks, I didn't realize that I worried you so much at the lowest point of my life but I really appreciate you bringing it up."
Sheesh. Makes me really miss the church crowd I grew up with. Not.

On a happier note, I finished three squares I was working on for a comfortghan and will mail them off soon, pics to come.
I also finished felting my FCEC Tote and it came out all wierd. Everything looked fine when I sewed the handles and flap on and somehow in the washer it must've gotten all twisty because now they are way off center. Will post pic soon and see if anyone has any quick fix idea.
Holiday Swap started today at Crochetville and I can't wait to get started!

Had a really great weekend, just crocheted a lot and cleaned a little and relaxed.
Oh, I also finished a baby ghan out of 6 inch squares and something cool I may give to my pal.

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Finally the WEEKEND!

I am so glad this week is over. It was crazy busy at work, I had two presentations and several cases to testify for. I would seriously rather have a yearly exam and a root canal at the same time than speak in public. I don't know what it is, I can practice and practice but it always turns out that Me + Stage = Instant Spaz. Have another in a few weeks, hopefully it will be better.

I have several more pics to post soon. I recently finished some comfortghan squares and my FCEC Felted Tote is felting as we speak. I really enjoyed it. Just placed an order on Knit Picks for more wool and plan to do more totes soon. I also got some sock yarn to try some socks from a pattern in Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet. It will be my first shot at socks.

I also recently got Crochet With Wire and can't wait to try it out. Hobby Lobby had all their bead items half off last week so I'm all stocked up, just need to get started.

Monday, October 24, 2005

100 Things...

Well, as we all know, you just can't have a blog without the cumpulsory 100 Things List.

Without further ado, 100 things about me:
1. I am a virgo.
2. My favorite color is red.
3. I work in the counseling field.
4. I have a Bachelor's degree in Sociology.
5. I hate when I tell people that and they act like I didn't have to work for it. I actually chose it because the social work school at the college I went to sucked and I could tailor this more towards counseling.
6. I love chocolate.
7. I have no personal pictures in my office, I'm not sure why.
8. My dream job would be travel writing.
9. I have been to Israel, England, France, Chech Republic, Germany, Namibia and South Africa.
10. I am the oldest child.
11. I have one younger sister.
12. I am the daughter of a recovering alcoholic.
13. My mom is my best friend.
14. I was raised Southern Baptist.
15. I am no longer a big proponent of organized religion.
16. I am not at all athletic.
17. I try to excercise but it is seriously like pulling teeth.
18. I would love to run a 5K eventually. Right now I run for 3 minutes and feel like I am about to die so that would be a HUGE feat.
19. My favorite dessert is Tiramisu.
20. I have always had a passion for reading.
21. I am currently reading "The Dive from Claussen's Pier." It's not my favorite. It's a good story, but mostly a depressing Lifetime-esque book.
22. I find the following celebrities oddly attractive: Drew Carey, Johnny Knoxville, Will Farrell.
23. I love to sing in the car, I mean really embarrasing, belt it all out singing.
24. Whose Line Is It Anyway is my "instantly lift my mood" show.
25. If I were to pick anywhere (within reason) to live and family weren't a factor, I would pick somewhere in Colorado.
26. I love to snow ski.
27. I enjoy hiking.
28. Someday I would like to sky dive.
29. I actually like Mondays.
30. I over-analyze everything.
31. I love the snow.
33. I don't have kids but would like to someday.
34. I love small town festivals.
35. In the well-spoken words of a co-worker, I am a sugar ho.
36. One day I would like to travel to Greece.
37. I just learned to knit in September.
38. So far I have knitted a dish cloth (which turned out huge, by the way.)
39. I don't remember ever believing in Santa Clause.
40. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
41. I'm not a big fan of any sport.
42. I watch way too much TV.
43. I consistenly watch Everwood, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Real World, Related and Medium.
44. I have watched Real World since the first season.
45. I liked reality TV before it was about winning crap, when it was just about reality. Sort of.
46. My first car was a 1969 Nova.
47. I am not a very organized person.
48. As Julia said it best in Pretty Woman, "I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal."
49. Most of the time finishing what I start is like pulling teeth.
50 I'm a fan of Dr. Phil.
51. I am against Fundamentalist anything.
52. I would consider myself a spiritual person.
53. Fall is my favorite season.
54. I don't have any tatoos.
55. I think they are kinda cool.
56. I grew up within a 5 mile radius to most of my extended family on both sides.
57. I lived in the same house from the time I was born until I was 19.
58. I have a newfound obsession for yarn.
59. Sometimes I am too nice for my own good.
60. I was the president of my senior class in high school.
61. I don't regularly keep up with anyone I graduated with.
62. I have always excelled at English.
63. I've always sucked at science and math.
64. find true crime and studies of anti-social personalities very interesting.
65. Both of my grandmothers are still living and I feel blessed to have a good relationship with them.
66. I am married to one of the kindest, most genuine guys I have ever known.
67. I actively participated in the drama programs in junior high and high school.
68. I was in two plays at our local community theater.
69. My husband still says I am a drama queen.
70. I would now rather have a root canal than speak in public.
71. I almost didn't accept my current position because it involved public speaking.
72. I can't believe there are blockbuster TV shows/films capitalizing on the war in Iraq. I hear the argument that it might help raise public awareness of how things could be for those honorably serving our country, but I am totally against Hollywood making money off the fictionalization of what will probably be the most traumatic time in millions of lives.
73. My sister and I have always been complete opposites, and although we have always stayed in touch, I feel that our relationship has now reached a new level of closeness. I feel blessed to have her as a sister.
74. I love nature.
75. I feel incredibly serene in the mountains.
76. I learned how to drive a standard shift car when my dad surprised me with an old mustang and subsequently got so frustrated he just told me to take it on my own and teach myself (he is normally very patient with me) so I picked up two friends and we just drove all jerkily through town until I got the hang of it.
77. I enjoy cooking but don't do it very often.
78. My husband is so picky to cook for we usually end up eating out.
79. I drive about 1.5 hours to work and back every day.
80. I can't wear yellow.
81. Casinos bore me.
82. It repulsed me at first, but I can't help but admire the artistic ingenuity of the creators of Southpark. That show cracks me up, they so wittily address the flaws in our societal thinking.
83. I love writing papers, it's like art to me.
84. I am a terrible driver. I don't have accidents, I just make everyone with me really nervous. 85. But they don't understand I have everything under control.
86. I am convinced I could live on carbs alone.
87. I would love to spend a year in another country.
88. I hate wearing shoes.
89. I wish make-up wasn't the social norm for females.
90. I heart yoga.
91. My favorite flower is the iris.
92. Two of my favorite contemporary bands are Better Than Ezra and Barenaked Ladies.
93. My favorite live show was Miss Saigon.
94. Les Miserables in London was a very close second.
95. The best concert I have seen is Billy Joel/Elton John.
96. Crochet is the first craft I have stayed interested in for a prolonged period.
97. One day I would love to have something I have written published.
98. I have to cover my head when I sleep.
99. I always have to be covered with something to sleep, even if it's really warm out.
100. I find stupid comedy amusing and therapeutic.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Square Pics

These are the squares I did for the Blue Squares Too square swap at Crochetville. Most of them came from patterns out of the 200 Crochet Blocks book.
I love crocheting squares, that's how I got started crocheting again after learning with my great grandmother when I was a kid.
Well, I actually got started with scarves from LB Homespun. I loved those things and I swear I made about 10 of them. After I had started crocheting again, I saw a news article about a local AIDS patient who had recently started a charity called Northwinds Afghan Project crocheting 12" squares for lapghans for inpatient AIDS victims. I have worked with them since and that led me to other charities and to other crochet projects. And to the love of a hobby that borders on obsession.
As soon as I get it cleaned up enough to post, I'll show pics of my yarn stash. It definitely pales in comparison to others, but I'm quite proud of it. If only my husband shared the same view.

Felted Hook Case

Here are some pics of my first shot at felting, a felted hook case following the schematics posted by PJ at Crochetville. I used Cascade Palace Yarn that I picked up this summer at one of my favorite yarn stores, Soul Spun Yarns in Salt Lake City.
The pockets in the middle are perfect for small scissors and pins and stitch markers, etc.
The top came out kind of floppy, though, I'd try to correct that if I did it again.

I am so glad I tried felting. I really want to give it another shot. I have the yarn for the Felted Tote from Family Circle Easy Crochet in a cool deep rust color with blue. Read about the CAL here. But I am making myself finish most of what I have started before I start that.

Well, look at me go. So it's not so hard after all! And a HUGE thanks to Lori for her blog help.

Finally, a Post

So this blogging deal is off to a great start. I had no idea until I set up a blog what a total technical moron I am. Because there's so much pressure to impress my one reader (Hi, Mom!). I finally got my husband to show me how to post pics and it was the one night out of, like, the whole year that Blogger was down for maintenance. So I think I have an idea of how these things go now, at least enough to make more than one post a month.

Hope to get some pics posted soon.