Sunday, June 10, 2007

7 Random Things

I was tagged by Yasmin for this fun Meme. Always obliging to spill more quirky facts about myself, here goes...

1. I hate for my food to touch. I don't like the tastes to blend. I also eat things one at a time in order of which tastes worst cold.
2. When eating candies with different flavors (like Skittles or Starburst), I separate the colors and eat all of one color at a time.
3. I can't go to sleep with socks on.
4. I have never been stung by a bee or had a reaction to Poison Ivy.
5. I have this keen ability to memorize song lyrics. I can hear a song (occasionally an album) just a few times and remember all the words forever.
6. I love movies and quote random lines all the time. Sometimes people catch the references and think I'm witty and clever. Sometimes I just get odd stares.
7. I hate being early for things. I am chronically late. Partially to avoid that really awkward time when you get somewhere and then have 10 minutes to sit there pretending to be busy while waiting for something to start. My ideal time is right on the dot.

Okay, there you have it...7 more weird things about me. Because they just don't come out often enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can relate to #2 except I eat them down until I have an equal number of each, then continue on in that fashion. And I hate to be early too, drives the hub nuts, I'm sure but he's smart not to mention it. LOL

9:46 PM  
Anonymous booger said...

I have a thing for doing the opposite as no.2. If I have mashed spuds, I will top them with my veggies and dip my pork chop in this. I love mixed flavors. There is one buffet I go to that has plates with divided sections now for those who do not eat anything that touches another thing. It was not until recently that I even heard of not allowing foods to mix together. My only question now, do you eat casseroles considering they are a mix of many items?

8:27 AM  

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