Sunday, September 10, 2006

I Pledge Allegiance To This Blog

Okay, seriously, to say that I've sucked at blogging this summer is a severe understatement. As I approach my first blogaversary (It's been a great 32 posts, everyone!) this is the perfect time to either crap or get off the pot. I channelled by grandma's energy for that one.

Seriously, I either need to start updating this frequently or stop all together. I love it when things are going smoothly and not incredibly busy. I'm looking at joining Secret Pal 9, which requires at least weekly updating on your blog, and that would be a great encouragement. There is no reason why I can't keep it going smoothly. I love keeping up with all my other blog friends and I would really miss it if I stopped. So I'm starting over. More to come, I promise.

Things are going very well for me, work is still going great. I still really like the people I work with and I know the agency is always making a difference. I'm in the process of hiring some new employees, my first time to do that- I'm kinda diggin it.
Friday we had a community-wide day of caring where businesses offer to donate their employees for a day to help out with work that needs to be done at local non-profits. It went really well but I think I pulled a little somethin in my back.

We've been taking it easy this weekend, went to this awesome Greek place, Zorba's, in OKC then to some new stores I love to go birthday shopping (it's coming right up!) then went to Lake Hefner for the sunset. Then we came home. Today we have a whole lot of cleaning planned and a ton of stuff to catch up on.

Last weekend for the holiday we went to the Galveston area to Surfside Beach with a bunch of my husband's friends from college. The couple we rode down with just found out they are pregnant with twins! It is so sweet!
It's amazing how much time has changed, they've been doing this for four years now and when it started everybody partied like rock stars and went to bed at sunrise and woke up at noon. Now we all go to bed by midnight so most of us can get up at sunrise and run on the beach or ride bikes. We are all much more mellow now. But it was a blast. Not too hot and the beach was beautiful. My cousin from Houston even came up and hung out for a bit. All in all, a great time.

On the crafty front.... I got nothing. But it's sure to pick up soon. I love knitting in the fall. I am close to finishing my Green Gable for my mom (first try was in May) and hope to give it to her soon before it's too cool to wear it!

I've found some new TV shows I'm crazy about. Did anybody catch Kyle XY on ABC Family? I discounted it because, well, it was ABC family, but Kev Tivo'd a marathon when the first season was over and we've been watching it and we're hooked.
I'm also loving Project Runway on Bravo! It is down to the wire! Got to root for the Norman boy, Kayne! (Even though his stuff is a bit too over the top for me).

That's all for now! I'll update soon, I promise...


Blogger Vik said...

Dear Tandi, I was missing you! Nice to have you back and to know that everything┬┤s fine!

5:53 PM  
Anonymous rebecca hudson said...


I've missed you at the Norman Sit&Stitch. I hope you will come again and visit with us. It's good to hear all about your adventures, and I hope you will update your blog more frequently, as you think you might. I look to see if you have pretty frequently, as I enjoy your musings!

8:20 PM  

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