Sunday, February 11, 2007

Look What My Friend Found at Wal Mart!

Please pardon the horrible pictures. Surely there's some other way to get pictures from your fancy picture cell phone to your blog other than taking a separate picture of it but, hey, it works...

It's Kayne from Project Runway! This is my very sweet co worker and we had gone out on Thurs. for another co worker's birthday and then the pictured co worker had to leave for Wal Mart so we continued celebrating, then about an hour later I got a call from her saying "Imstillatwalmartandkaynefromprojectrunwayishereandwhatshouldido?" So I convinced her to just walk on up to the fabric section and say hi. She did and said he was super nice and her 13 year old was with her and thought it was the coolest thing! Kayne is from around here but I haven't seen him. She told him the whole office watched the show and was rooting for him and he said to tell us all hi and that he has a new shoe line coming out in April. Exciting!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh how fun! My daughter and I were rooting for him. I saw an bay area American Idol contestant last 4th of July at the local fireworks display. I have to say, he was working the crowd!

7:02 PM  

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