Wednesday, October 11, 2006

An Embarrasing Stash Flash

Back from Cancun- it was such a great trip. A bit rainy but we had a lot of fun. I've never stayed anywhere that was all-inclusive before, that's the best way to stay! Decided Saturday that maybe consuming large quantities of guacamole, ceviche, flan and margaritas/mojitos wasn't the best idea.
We did go one day to
Xel Ha, this big natural water park, where there was some awesome snorkeling (it normally freaks me out but the fish were so cool it was worth it.) There were also submerged caves and cliffs to jump off and a huge buffet that was included in the price.
Then we went to Tulum, to see the Mayan ruins. It was amazing. And the beach and water there were absolutely beautiful. I'll post pictures soon!

(Blogger thought all that first part should be one huge link. Oh well, at least I could load my pictures.)

But for now, I'll post pics of my embarrasingly unorganized stash. I finally got it all organized at least by fiber types into containers. Here is the big nasty mess:
And I thought if I'd post some of my WIP's it would motivate me to finish...
This is a tank from Cool Crochet:

Here are some highlights from my stash that I'm not quite sure what to do with:

Some Debbie Bliss Merino DK I got on major sale in Tokyo (Haven't decided what to do with it yet, maybe some wristwarmers?):

This is as far as my sock-making got... I just can't find the right pattern or get motivated enough to give it a shot. I'm thinking about maybe taking a class. The whole task just seems so daunting right now, what with the whole knitting with toothpicks bit and language I mostly don't understand.

Some Lustersheen I got to make a shrug from a Leisure Arts booklet (ala Erica's fabulous one here and here) but couldn't figure out the first part of:

Some Cascade wool/cotton I got on sale last year at SWAK that I also haven't decided what to do with: (thought it might be a nice tank but I don't quite have enough.)

I got this also on sale at the yarn store in Norman last year before it closed but I also don't have any ideas of what to do with it.

Another sale buy. I love this yarn but I don't quite have enough to do anything I want. Any ideas?

I just love this stuff. It's cheap and acrylic-y but for some reason I really like the look and feel of it. I'm close to having enought to make a blanket out of it from this book.

Let me know if you have some brilliant ideas for these, I'm stuck on most of them.

Now the stash is all organized and at least packed away in the back room in tubs.
I bought some cubicle-things and baskets to better organize it all but I haven't had a chance to put it together yet. Eventually the spare room will actually look like a craft space.
Hopefully I'll have pictures of that to show soon!


Anonymous Wendy said...

Drooling over the Wildfoote Yarn.

Regaring the Cotton/wool blend. How many skeins do you have? I have 3 skeins of it and was able to make this...

This yarn is perfect for it. I am seaming it right now and will probably line it tomorrow and then post a pic of it on my blog.

Oh, and regarding the cool Crochet Tank, looks like you are almost done.... I demand you finish it. ;)

2:01 AM  
Blogger Vik said...

Welcome back, Tandi!
Oh my, your stash! You´ll do beautiful things with all that!

5:54 PM  
Blogger Javajem said...

Xel Ha and Tulum are both gorgeous places. The amount of fish in Xel-ha is amazing!

Did you to go to Isla de Mujeres? it's my ultimate favorite place near Cancun... a little island off the coast with the most beautiful beach in the world!

Welcome back!

3:30 PM  
Blogger Shafira said...

Don't fear the reaper....I mean the socks! They are not so scary as you might think. I knit my first pair just recently and I used Cat Bordhi's "Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles" --- now I may never use dpns again! It's so cool, so simple once you read through the instructions. And the Simple Sock is a great beginner pattern. Plus, when you're feeling more courageous, the book(let) has several other patterns in it. Email me or drop a comment on my blog over at if you want some help. (Can you tell I'm *addicted* to socks? *grin* -- Anne.

5:15 PM  

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