Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Some Cool Stuff From Africa

I know, 3 posts in a row, you're probably thinking somebody hijacked my blog (would that actually be called blogjacking?) but no, it's definitely me.

Just realized I haven't shown many of the cool things we found in Africa, so here are a few of my favorites...

The first, on the left, is a big piece of malachite that we found at a little street market in Windhoek, Namibia. I don't remember the name of the little stone in the middle but it's really cool and also from Namibia. And the last one is a soapstone carving (the outside is the raw soapstone and the inside part is carved and polished.) We found that at this huge outside tradmarket in Cape Town, South Africa. I was told it the piece is dancing flames.

The second picture, on the right, we also found at the same market in Cape Town. You can't see it well, but it's a huge doily in about #10 thread. I think we paid about $12 for it.

The last picture is of a weaving Kevin brought back the last time he was there. I was so jealous, he actually got to tour the craft district in Windhoek and happened into this store where they make these from scratch. He said there was a really nice lady there who walked him through the process from the raw wool to the final product. The whole thing sounded so cool. Here's a link to a site with some pictures of the place, but it's in German. I think.

Thanks so much to everyone for the comments about my book list. I'll try to keep things updated as I finish them. I normally read voraciously on vacation, so hopefully I'll get some knocked out pretty quickly in the next month.

Oh, and if you ever thought you had the worst boss ever, you really need to read this post from Crazy Aunt Purl. It will definitely go in my list of random stories that I somehow always tell at inappropriate times.


Blogger Celeste said...

Great things! I just wanted to say that I really like your blog, and I too read CAP's scary entry. . . I would DIE if she was my boss!

10:40 PM  

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